I am currently interning at HUGE-Design in San Francisco. It is a great experience so far living in this environment quite different than Los Angeles, Seattle or Singapore. I can finally use my bicycle and leave my car at home - which makes me feel more like back home in Europe.  


As I was lucky finding a room in Potrero Hill which is close to my office, I enjoy the view of the city every morning going down the road. I really love the area with its selection of restaurants and close distance to the city center.


It seems possible to take any object, multiply it various times and it will give you an interesting pattern.


Love the combination of different colors in various parts of this building. The front door could be almost sold in an art gallery.


This picture was taken inside a Design Within Reach. I was kind of shocked at first by the drastic shifts of perspectives in San Francisco. If you are in Los Angeles, this type of contrast is hard to find. People inside the building struggle to find the right furniture to spend the money on while people outside struggle to make a living.


I never saw so many shattered car-windows as I do in San Francisco. Just by taking a walk around my area I observe a vast amount of them.


Loved these furnitures - instead of chaining them to the restaurant they used concrete to make it almost impossible to steal the chair. I love how circumstances gets people to be more creative with their daily objects.


I try to explore as various architecture in different cities as I can find - as I am from Basel, the De Young Museum was on my bucket list. Designed by Herzog & de Meuron, the building has a very unique character with a solid appearance. Herzog & de Meuron are really amazing when it comes to the interplay of surfaces, light and materials.


Another quite interesting building I spotted while walking around. This sheet metal company decided to paint their whole building in a metal finish. Its blends in with the sky quite well. The red and and white accents almost makes it look like a fire department.


Spotted this Porsche 911 - one of my dream cars. The beauty and simplicity of the headlights and its transition of the surface excites me.


The sheer amount of bolts on one single part of the Golden Gate Bridge gets me thinking how many bolts the bridge inherits.


My favorite weather to see the Golden Gate Bridge is when its foggy - the beautiful interplay in loss of saturation and contrast.

AuthorMathias Hintermann