I usually spend a couple of days in the snow during winter. If it snows heavily, we tend to eat cheese-fondue, a traditional swiss dish. It consists of bread, cut in pieces and dipped in hot melted cheese.


The long forks are used to hold the bread-pieces while turning them in the cheese. On a sidenote; the electric pepper mill is a Peugeot Alaska(70$). It uses 6-AAA batteries and a small lightbulb lights up when operated. The execution of the product doesn't justify its price point.


After a lot of cheese, a espresso shot helps to digest. I choose a ristretto and in a cup of the pixie collection.The Nespresso machines are actually fairly cheap for its technology and fair taste - but the dependence on the capsules has its price.


A single Espresso shot: Nespresso Espresso are good - but don't come close to a good espresso machine. The ease of use of the machine combined with strong marketing of the brand made Nespresso coffee a lifestyle product. The stainless steel nicely reflects the colors of the coffee itself and gives it an additional premium look. The stainless steel is double walled and insulates the heat fairly well.


The Nespresso Pixie cups come in a pair with two additional stainless sugar mixers - I appreciate espresso without sugar.


The form factor and color scheme is directly inspired by the shape and feel of the iconic capsules. On a sidenote: a nespresso capsule with coffee inside has about 1/13 of the amount of aluminium as a regular soda can. Bulk coffee is still more sustainable but less comfortable than using a prepared portion.


The Lungo size doesn't work as nice as the espresso sized cups. They seem to lose some of its beauty in proportions and seem to narrow.


Unfortunately I need to end this entry with a bad aftertaste - as I was looking at one of the lungo cups more carefully I realized a manufacturing error in the finish of the product. With paying a premium price of 30 CHF (about 33USD), I wouldn't expect that.

AuthorMathias Hintermann