Recently I was working on this project in collaboration with MBA Students during my exchange at INSEAD. We realized that everything today gets more connected, smarter and more convenient. But how can we leverage the use of technology, so the journey of doing laundry gets more comfortable and allows you to have more free time? Every existing laundry bag on the market today fulfills its functional aspect of collecting laundry. However none of them is as efficient and comfortable as ORDINA.


ORDINA is an automatic cloth sorter that comes with an application on your smartphone. Four bins are pre-set to white, black, colored and delicate. Personal settings allow you to sort your clothes the way you desire. We offer convenience through the use of technology. Sorting your cloth is time-consuming and not everyone wants a maid to go through his or her clothes. By creating even more products in this ecosystem, we enable a more connected home environment and satisfy the desire of comfort and freedom.


Our Values

ORDINA – A lifestyle choice. We compellingly deliver technology-advanced home appliances. We believe in bringing excellence to enhance human experiences in a living environment. What really matters to us is creating an environment that proactively creates a seamless interaction of human and machine. Furthermore holistically deliver top-line manufactured products to leverage human-centered experiences.


AuthorMathias Hintermann