I have had a pair of Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer sunglasses for a while and love them for their portability. Additionally, the glasses come with a small case and a cleaning cloth. The lenses are brown and come in a tortoise shell.


Ray Ban belongs to Luxottica in Italy, known for owning brands such as Oakley, Starck eyes and Persol (the brand of James Bond’s Sunglasses in Casino Royal). Luxottica also licenses for brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Prada and more.


The Case


The size is great. Slightly bigger than a box of Ricola candies. I love how portable the glasses are.



The magnet is glued within the layers of the case. It wears off slowly and does not look like a high quality product.



The inner soft cloth is wrapped around a piece of cardboard which gives the case a sturdy feel. I am not a fan of fake leather as I feel the craftsmanship of the case is low quality.


The Frame


The frame is firm once unfolded and the hinges are nicely executed.



Folded up. I love the way the glasses fold. As they fold, their arms do not touch the glass or scratch it.



I have an issue with the fact that the side of the arms are not flush once they are unfolded. However, the quality of the hinges is great - I have been folding them for over two years now and never had any issues with it.


The Lenses


The brown lenses give great contrast and provide clear view. They are comfortable to look through for a long time during the day. I feel that the logo on the bridge feels overwhelming. When the user folds the glasses they are three logos visible at once.



Even though the authenticity of the glasses should be given at purchase, the engraving on the left lens is additional proof. Bottom line I love the glasses for their portability but I would like to see more sophistication when it comes to the case and the execution of certain details.

AuthorMathias Hintermann